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Breakthrough Leadership

Turning corners and climbing hills requires Breakthrough Leadership.  It gives us the ability to have a positive expectation for what has yet to materialize; to recognize results when they become visible, and to be grateful to ourselves and to others for those results.

Expecting results requires positive thinking but Breakthrough Leadership needs that and more.  It means clearing ourselves of the clutter and barriers that block the breakthroughs that we seek.  Furthermore, if we make no plans to reach the top of the hill, we will be unprepared for the uphill trek. Similarly, our uphill climb can be impossible if we carry excess baggage that needs to be shed. We must not only be prepared to reach the top but also expect to reach the top.

Acknowledging results requires the ability to recognize and measure outcomes.  We must also look for the specific actions that produced those outcomes.  Too often, weak leaders behave like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.  Breakthrough Leaders need to know what they did to achieve the desired results.  If you successfully navigated through a risky situation, did you apply sound risk mitigation actions, or did you get lucky? Breakthrough Leadership does not rely on luck. 

Finally, and most importantly, breakthrough leadership requires being grateful for results.  This means being grateful to those we lead and being thankful to ourselves as leaders. Breakthrough Leadership involves a lot of stamina.  The leader who takes the time to focus inward with gratitude benefits significantly.  First, research substantiates that it is beneficial for your health.  Second, when the Breakthrough Leader expresses gratitude, it results in improvement.  Finally, your appreciation will be reflected in others – and vice versa. 

These are indeed interesting times for leadership.  There are tremendous uphill challenges in an environment of uncertainty and doubt.  We are witnessing the onset of many social, political, and ecological challenges. The run-of-the-mill leadership will barely scratch the surface. What the world needs now is the magic of breakthrough leadership.  

~ Linda

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